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Following a VERY bad experience with an extraction I had not seen a dentist for 50, yes 50 years, early Nov 16 I broke a front tooth & my wife called Caroline she saw me the same day extracted said tooth…..the rest as they say is history…..after 50 years of not even being able to say the word….I am now happy to visit the DENTIST ( as long as it is Caroline ) she is very professional & caring & listens to your fears & instills a feeling of confidence, I would recommend Caroline to anyone especially if they are at all nervous, without hesitation. John

I was a very nervous patient but Caroline and her team have made me feel totally at ease. And my fear has gone!!

Dear Caroline, I just wanted to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for looking after David yesterday. He was a little bit out of it last night, but had a good sleep and is fine today. He sends his regards and thank yous from a wintery London! As always Caroline, you are a star and thank you for looking after us all. Best wishes x

It’s only Caroline’s relaxed manner and willingness to be extremely flexible with her dentistry that enabled me to go through my treatment to replace my veneers. I’m so pleased she was so supportive and fantastic technically with her skills.

I have found them to be very friendly and put you at ease. They treat everyone as an individual, are considerate and sympathetic to each case.

Thanks for the mouthguard. It’s perfect.

Caroline has been my Jersey dentist for a number of years and whenever i go to her she always provides amazing service above and beyond the call of duty. I have recently had two wisdom teeth out which Caroline and her lovely dental assistant dealt with in a fantastic manner and was brilliantly understanding with me given that i have a medical condition and suffer from anxiety; but when i was there i knew i was in safe hands and would not find better service anywhere else.

Her service is exceptional, swift and incredibly reasonable. I would not use anyone else for my dental needs and strongly recommend her to anyone.

Excellent service.

The best dental service I’ve ever had! Caroline makes you feel relaxed and in the expert hands of a full professional.

Cannot fault the care and attention I have had. Also very thorough and am very pleased with two crowns which were very well done. In all most satisfactory.

Caroline was recommended to me by a colleague 12 years ago. At the time it was like going on a white knuckle ride just having a scale and polish! Caroline has worked with me over these 12 years and from being sedated initially to having minor treatments to now being able to have the majority of treatment without sedation at all. Most recently I was in for 2 hours having a scale and polish and preparation for the replacement of 3 veneers.

I think Caroline has given a good balance of understanding, support and alternative solutions but also concentrated on getting me to trust and have faith in her. This I can safely say she has achieved and now my son goes to Caroline on his own since he was 12 years old.

Knowledgeable, helpful, friendly advice given very professionally. Will have no hesitation in recommending Caroline.

Absolutely brilliant! For many years I was a nervous wreck when I visited the dentist, but then I moved to Caroline’s surgery. She really does live up to the name ‘Gentle Smiles’. Not only is she gentle, but I go in and out of the surgery with a smile – totally relaxed before and after. I was so impressed with Caroline’s care and expertise that I moved my daughter from her free dentist.

I would certainly recommend Caroline for adults and children alike. No more pre-dentist nerves!

After my recent visit to the dentist it made me wonder if there is really anyone out there who enjoys going to the dentist? Everyone I believe is always a little apprehensive.

I am very lucky. Caroline Southall from Gentle Smiles is my dentist and has been for the last sixteen years. The only dentist I have had since my excellent dentist of a Father retired prior to me leaving the U.K. Caroline and her staff, never fail to impress me.

I do have a more relaxed attitude to dentistry than most through my Father, although I have experienced patients fainting, having incessant shaking and sweating profusely amongst other things. These being physical signs not to mention the build up of tension, and sometimes fear, prior to a dental visit, palpitations and whatever else that may be going on in a patient’s mind.

On the other hand, it is impossible to live without them. As soon as we get painful toothache, a cracked tooth, a missing filling etc., we are straight on the phone demanding an urgent appointment.

I also wonder how people arriving to live in Jersey for the first time, or for those are who are maybe unhappy with the current service they are receiving from their dentist, decide which dentist to go to. Do you look at the letters after their name, do you see where they have graduated or maybe just where their surgery is located? This unfortunately is no guarantee that the dentist is of good character, is able to put you at ease or that they have an aptitude for excellent practical dentistry.

All dentist treatment has to be paid for in Jersey so why not select a dentist who suits your needs and offers you the service you deserve.

Caroline Southall of Gentle Smiles is located in the new pristine practice with modern facilities at Spectrum, St. Helier, where parking is close by and is within a short walking distance from the centre of town.

Caroline is consistently professional, continually updating her knowledge and always welcoming. She is gentle, friendly, understanding, whilst putting you completely at ease whilst in her care. She always aims to be a complete perfectionist with her work, never rushing an appointment.

My husband had a very bad dental experience when he was young, which has stayed with him for life. Thanks to Caroline’s help, he is gradually conquering his fear. On the other hand, my eleven year old son attends his appointments like he is visiting a friend. He has no fear whatsoever as he has been going there since day one.

If you feel you would like to change your dentist or you are a newcomer to the Island of Jersey and would like a very highly recommended dentist, call in or telephone Caroline Southall at Gentle Smiles (01534) 638055.

Over the last 5 years I have lost my faith in the Jersey Dental Services, I felt it had turned into just a profitable money earner, patient care was very much secondary. However it is refreshing to find a Dentist who looks after ones Dental Health over that of their Bank Account.

Thank you for such a First Class Service.

No need to fear going to the dentist as Gentle Smiles really lives up to its name. Caroline is very gentle, homely and very professional. Just like a good friend.

Gives excellent dental care in a calm and friendly environment.

Dear Caroline

I just wanted to say thanks for such excellent service today. It made a huge difference that you took the time to talk through the various procedures with me, and you really made me feel at ease – I’m please to say i think my dental fear is a thing of the past! This filling, despite being rather deep, was executed swiftly and painlessly, and even included a half-time photo! I have never felt so comfortable in a dentist’s chair. Previous dentists have treated it as a hurried job, but the attention you paid to getting the bite correct on my new filling has left me feeling like I haven’t even had one!

I would also like to mention your very efficient and helpful nurse, Amber.

I have been really impressed with the service from Gentle Smiles and will be quick to recommend you in the future.

Thank you

I have been a patient of Caroline’s since the mid 90s, and have always found her to be professional and very friendly. For the first few visits I didn’t have dental insurance but she worked out a payment plan allowing me to reduce my bill over time. If you are thinking of dental care, I highly recommend a visit to Gentle Smiles.

My husband has been a patient of Caroline since 1998 and is completely satisfied with her work, so much so he persuaded me to go to her when my own dentist retired. I am a very nervous patient but Caroline has put me at my ease since 2008.

Painless treatment with a smile.

Best dentist I’ve ever had.

I have always enjoyed my visits to Gentle Smiles without the foreboding that used to prevail before excursions to the dentist. Caroline (Southall) is very thorough as well as cognisant of the patients’ comfort and welfare.

We have been attending Caroline’s dental practice for many years, and we are very pleased with all the treatments and services we have received over that long period. You are made to feel very comfortable during any inspections or treatments.

As someone who considers himself quite apprehensive of dentists (having had negative experiences in the past), I can honestly say that Caroline and her team do a wonderful job of making you feel relaxed, safe, comfortable and confident during any visits you may have. The advice Gentle Smiles gives is always to a very high standard, and the solutions they recommend are tailored to each individual client, making you feel less like a number and more like a valued customer. I have gone from leaving it 11 years before my first visit to Caroline, to now going back for regular check-ups, and would wholeheartedly recommend Gentle Smiles to others. Great job guys.

In my opinion the ideal dentist is one who must be responsive, caring and sensitive, as well as being technically and profesionally able. Caroline and her team at Gentle Smiles more than tick all of these boxes; to the extent that I might even be heard saying: “It’s a pleasure to visit my dentist!”